Its April what already?!?

Whoa. Where on earth did the time go??  I owe some major postings!!  So as they come out, here are some tid-bits to catch you up.

April 12:  Changed my rear-wheel tire all by myself!! Super excited, a small accomplishment I know, but I feel a lot more self sufficient now.  Time to read more about bike maintenance to learn about the derailleur and brake centering 🙂

April 10:  Finished “Demon in the Freezer” can’t wait to read “Hot Zone”

April 9:  Ran TO work (took lots of advil before hand) and high-fived the runner I see at 0445 each day.

April 4:  Possible stress-fracture in my right foot, 5th metatarsal.  Booh.

April 1:  Finished night shifts coming off vacay. Ran HOME!!  Slept for 2 days straight.

March 18-26:  Traveling!! Paris, France followed by Northern and Central Portugal.  Many tasty foods (and tummy aches – not even I can pass up freshly baked croissant, but so worth it!), minor dental emergency, one missed flight, lots of garmin lady being “douchey” (her words, not mine), and a little bit of french spoken.  Even had time for a Parisian and Portugese run.  Fantastic trip.  Photos to come.

That’s it in a nut shell – seriously though, updates to come!!



Caribou is leaving the States!!  I’ll be out on a little vacay – some well deserved rest and relaxation time.  Look for new posts coming in early April.  France and Portugal are on the menu!!  Time to excited…but sadly time to put the smoothies on hold for a week.

The Quasi Cleanse has been amazing.  I feel fantastic and am actually slightly nervous about eating regular food.  My tummy has never been happier and I wake up energized and refreshed everyday.  For anyone in a bad mood or grumpy tummy, turn up the dial on your fruits and veggies for a week – I’m serious.

Stay safe and happy trails.

Caribou out!

p.s. I also ran 4 miles today, jogged 2 and walked another 2!  All-in-all, a great day!!!