It’s FALL! Summer Funk Begone!

Seriously. Fall. Am totally in love ūüôā I have missed you Fall. A lot.

So yes, I neglected my blog…biking…and running for all of August and part of July. ¬†You know how people get all sad and blue in winter? ¬†That is me in summer. ¬†I never realized until this year, how much I dislike summer. ¬†I’m sure an event this spring didn’t help the situation much, but let me tell you this – once I turned off my AC, I was beaming again and back on the saddle.

Fall. My favorite season. My one true love. ¬†The last time I enjoyed a stateside fall was in 2008, and then I only got about a month, if that. ¬†Thankfully I did get to head up to Duluth MN with the family and romp around the forests before I had to leave American fall for Afghan fall…followed by Iraqi fall….they just aren’t the same let me tell you.

Yes, I am STOKED about fall. ¬†Yes, I am one of the last humans remaining who still feels “stoked” is an appropriate and relevant word to describe one’s emotional status. ¬†Since this lovely fall has started I’ve not missed a bike ride into work, in fact I get sad that my commute is only 7 miles! ¬†I will soon need to take an even longer way home to just enjoy this weather more.

Another way I know I am over this summer funk, I’ve started baking. ¬†I found an AMAZING gluten free chocolate cake recipe, which I made entirely in my blender. ¬†I made it once with splenda, which was alright, and a 2nd time half sugar half splenda and in cupcake form…ah-mazing. and my gluten eating coworkers agreed! ¬†I bought yeast, so I can try making bread and other such things.

I feel alive again.

I feel happy.

I love life.

More posts to follow and I apologize for those who were/are following for my absence! ¬†It’s fall and Caribou is back!


Seriously Bike?!

Guess what happened going to work last night…you’ll never guess…I got a flat. Rear tire. >sigh< ¬†Cannot wait for my new tire to get here! ¬†My rear tire is seriously cursed. ¬†I’m too annoyed to even investigate the flat at this point, another slow leaker…these pin prick flats are killing me!!!! ¬†Tomorrow I’ll fill it up, go to my local bike store…invest in more tubes and see if they have any more thoughts on what to do. ¬†I’m contemplating tire liners, although they worry me, since they can actually cause pinch flats if not put in correctly. ¬†With my luck, even with good installation they would cause me flats!

Oh bike, why do you hate me so much??

On a positive note, I have started cooking again and playing my harp. ¬†Slowly but surely I’m coming out of my shell and back to life. ¬†Its hard to get started, but once you get going you just need to have faith in gravity and give yourself little reminders and pushes. ¬†A great visit with the family really helped to get me going again!

On the cooking side, nothing too crazy, just some good old quinoa pasta with cheese pasta sauce and a little bit of broccoli.  Keeping it simple and getting the training wheels back on.

For the harp, I replaced the two strings that popped,¬†courtesy¬†of the humidity, re-tuned, and started playing songs I knew so many years ago…rather than look at where I should be if I didn’t take breaks, I’m focusing on the skill I still have and where I want to go in the future! ¬†It may not be a stage, but its never too late… ūüôā

Here’s to dreaming, no more flats, and finding the strength and inspiration to live life to the fullest!

Caribou out.

Dreaming of Mountains

I came across a fantastic blog the other day – fantastic mainly because the photos capture the stark beauty of high peaks and the posts remind me of the importance to dream – dream of the journey. ¬†We hear it all the time, ‘life is a journey’ but far too often we focus and get sucked into either an end goal or a task that we forget to enjoy this grand experience filled with love, fun, hardship, tears, and everything else. ¬†I catch myself every so often getting caught up in the task that I forget to smile and enjoy.

Prime example, I was biking home this morning (on nights again…blah) and five minutes in, rain. ¬†There was a 20% chance of rain, so I was totally unprepared. ¬†At first I started to just bike faster, hoping to make it out before I was soaked, then it turned into a downpour – so I was soaked no matter what. ¬†As I kept peddling a little annoyed by the rain worrying if my stuff was getting wet, something clicked in my head. ¬†“This is awesome.” ¬†and then I smiled and enjoyed my soaked ride home. ¬†Why is this awesome? ¬†Its raining on a nice spring day and I get to play in the rain for my commute. ¬†I don’t have to worry about another driver doing something crazy, I get to, sorta, jump in puddles with awesome galoshes. ¬†

It just clicked and although it was nice to get dry back inside, I was happy that I was soaked riding through the rain. ¬†(it was also nice because there were no pedestrians out ūüôā )

Hope you enjoy this site – if for no other reason than the photographs.

Stay safe, happy trails. 

8K Happiness

I ran my first race of the year! A stellar 8k in which I placed 7th in my class and 57th out of 292 women! ¬†With a time of 43:28 I left the race feeling fantastic! ¬†I taped up my foot for the race and all was fine, it was a little sore yesterday and almost no soreness today, which is great – especially since I’ve not run for pretty much all of April. ¬†(You may have noticed a lack of my posting…)

Slowly but surely its coming back and I’m getting excited! ¬†The race was fun and reminded me to break out of a rut – my rut has been doing a lot of things on my own. ¬†I’m looking forward to going on some fun runs, joining a running group, and doing a midnight “summit” of old rag with some folks in a month. ¬†I also keep looking at adorable doggies that I may foster or adopt. ¬†Although that might be hard with the schedule I keep. ¬†Not sure how they’ll do with an owner who is nocturnal every 2 weeks! ¬†I’m not quite sure how I even do it!

April went by quickly, there were some ups, downs, and neutrals.  I let some things get in the way of posting and doing what is best for me, but sometimes you need to be a little over-come to get back on the right path to happiness.

What I always remember and remind myself of is that being outdoors and active will always bring happiness in my life. ¬†A few times last month I was just feeling “blah” and took a walk outside and sat by the Potamac, looking at the Capitol building, watching the planes take off and land; before I knew it, I was in a better mood.

Just remember folks, a breath of fresh of air, really can be a breath of fresh air!

Stay Safe and happy trails.

Caribou out.

Its April what already?!?

Whoa. Where on earth did the time go??  I owe some major postings!!  So as they come out, here are some tid-bits to catch you up.

April 12: ¬†Changed my rear-wheel tire all by myself!! Super excited, a small accomplishment I know, but I feel a lot more self sufficient now. ¬†Time to read more about bike¬†maintenance¬†to learn about the derailleur and brake centering ūüôā

April 10: ¬†Finished “Demon in the Freezer” can’t wait to read “Hot Zone”

April 9:  Ran TO work (took lots of advil before hand) and high-fived the runner I see at 0445 each day.

April 4:  Possible stress-fracture in my right foot, 5th metatarsal.  Booh.

April 1:  Finished night shifts coming off vacay. Ran HOME!!  Slept for 2 days straight.

March 18-26: ¬†Traveling!! Paris, France followed by Northern and Central Portugal. ¬†Many tasty foods (and tummy aches – not even I can pass up freshly baked croissant, but so worth it!), minor dental emergency, one missed flight, lots of garmin lady being “douchey” (her words, not mine), and a little bit of french spoken. ¬†Even had time for a¬†Parisian¬†and Portugese run. ¬†Fantastic trip. ¬†Photos to come.

That’s it in a nut shell – seriously though, updates to come!!


Caribou is leaving the States!! ¬†I’ll be out on a little vacay – some well deserved rest and relaxation time. ¬†Look for new posts coming in early April. ¬†France and Portugal are on the menu!! ¬†Time to excited…but sadly time to put the smoothies on hold for a week.

The Quasi Cleanse has been amazing. ¬†I feel fantastic and am actually slightly nervous about eating regular food. ¬†My tummy has never been happier and I wake up energized and refreshed everyday. ¬†For anyone in a bad mood or grumpy tummy, turn up the dial on your fruits and veggies for a week – I’m serious.

Stay safe and happy trails.

Caribou out!

p.s. I also ran 4 miles today, jogged 2 and walked another 2!  All-in-all, a great day!!!