Night Shift Bake-a-thon

Day off + Night Shift + Fall = BAKING!

Since I’m off the wheat, I’ve had to learn how to bake again, which is an adventure! ¬†I’ve definitely found some delicious GF baking tips (and “clean eating”) – such as using black beans to make brownies and cupcakes! who knew?

Tonight, I’m trying a cornbread recipe replacing the flour with a gf flour mix, I didn’t do anything special to the amounts, but did substitute the buttermilk with goat’s milk yoghurt and greek yoghurt…it’s in the oven right now. ūüôā ¬†I shall post on how it goes.

here is the recipe:

instead of cracklings and fat, I used a tablespoon of veggie oil and didn’t put anything in place of the cracklings. ¬†finger crossed!

I recently made black bean cupcakes using more or less the following recipe:

instead of cake form, I used cupcakes and baked for 18-20 minutes and they tested clean.  I also used 3/4 cup sugar 1/4 splenda, and all in my blender. It was amazing. The clean-up especially.  In a couple cupcakes I put in a few chocolate chips, oh lord. awesome.  They are dense little cakes, but fabulous.

Ok, I’ll post the results of my¬†experiments¬†soon!!


Seriously Bike?!

Guess what happened going to work last night…you’ll never guess…I got a flat. Rear tire. >sigh< ¬†Cannot wait for my new tire to get here! ¬†My rear tire is seriously cursed. ¬†I’m too annoyed to even investigate the flat at this point, another slow leaker…these pin prick flats are killing me!!!! ¬†Tomorrow I’ll fill it up, go to my local bike store…invest in more tubes and see if they have any more thoughts on what to do. ¬†I’m contemplating tire liners, although they worry me, since they can actually cause pinch flats if not put in correctly. ¬†With my luck, even with good installation they would cause me flats!

Oh bike, why do you hate me so much??

On a positive note, I have started cooking again and playing my harp. ¬†Slowly but surely I’m coming out of my shell and back to life. ¬†Its hard to get started, but once you get going you just need to have faith in gravity and give yourself little reminders and pushes. ¬†A great visit with the family really helped to get me going again!

On the cooking side, nothing too crazy, just some good old quinoa pasta with cheese pasta sauce and a little bit of broccoli.  Keeping it simple and getting the training wheels back on.

For the harp, I replaced the two strings that popped,¬†courtesy¬†of the humidity, re-tuned, and started playing songs I knew so many years ago…rather than look at where I should be if I didn’t take breaks, I’m focusing on the skill I still have and where I want to go in the future! ¬†It may not be a stage, but its never too late… ūüôā

Here’s to dreaming, no more flats, and finding the strength and inspiration to live life to the fullest!

Caribou out.

Its April what already?!?

Whoa. Where on earth did the time go??  I owe some major postings!!  So as they come out, here are some tid-bits to catch you up.

April 12: ¬†Changed my rear-wheel tire all by myself!! Super excited, a small accomplishment I know, but I feel a lot more self sufficient now. ¬†Time to read more about bike¬†maintenance¬†to learn about the derailleur and brake centering ūüôā

April 10: ¬†Finished “Demon in the Freezer” can’t wait to read “Hot Zone”

April 9:  Ran TO work (took lots of advil before hand) and high-fived the runner I see at 0445 each day.

April 4:  Possible stress-fracture in my right foot, 5th metatarsal.  Booh.

April 1:  Finished night shifts coming off vacay. Ran HOME!!  Slept for 2 days straight.

March 18-26: ¬†Traveling!! Paris, France followed by Northern and Central Portugal. ¬†Many tasty foods (and tummy aches – not even I can pass up freshly baked croissant, but so worth it!), minor dental emergency, one missed flight, lots of garmin lady being “douchey” (her words, not mine), and a little bit of french spoken. ¬†Even had time for a¬†Parisian¬†and Portugese run. ¬†Fantastic trip. ¬†Photos to come.

That’s it in a nut shell – seriously though, updates to come!!


Caribou is leaving the States!! ¬†I’ll be out on a little vacay – some well deserved rest and relaxation time. ¬†Look for new posts coming in early April. ¬†France and Portugal are on the menu!! ¬†Time to excited…but sadly time to put the smoothies on hold for a week.

The Quasi Cleanse has been amazing. ¬†I feel fantastic and am actually slightly nervous about eating regular food. ¬†My tummy has never been happier and I wake up energized and refreshed everyday. ¬†For anyone in a bad mood or grumpy tummy, turn up the dial on your fruits and veggies for a week – I’m serious.

Stay safe and happy trails.

Caribou out!

p.s. I also ran 4 miles today, jogged 2 and walked another 2!  All-in-all, a great day!!!

My Quasi “Cleanse”

I do not believe in fad diets or these bizarre cleanses where you drink water with lemons, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup. ¬†Maybe its because both of my parents have food science/nutrition backgrounds, or simply because the body needs things like nutrients and calories to preform well. ¬†As part of my “ok, lets get serious” mind-set (applicable to finally getting my home o-r-g-a-n-i-z-e-d and re-committing to cycling, running, swimming, and yoga) I wanted to jump start my eat healthy, feel healthy, be healthy mindset.

Why Quasi Cleanse? ¬†I won’t lie. ¬†My diet in January and February…varied from great to atrocious [and everything in between]. ¬†**Mom/Dad – shield your eyes for this part** There were days where ice cream became dinner…rice and corn became the base of my diet…and veggies…well, we were growing apart. ¬†One benefit of eliminating gluten from my diet, it limits a lot of junk food, but there is a ton of naturally gluten-free crap out there too. ¬†Lent helped kicked me in the bum a little – it put an end to junk food and impulsive decisions. ¬†I wanted Lent to be more than a craving struggle, so I gave up making impulsive decisions – I highly recommend it…..Where was I? Oh yes, veggies and I were growing distant. ¬†I didn’t return their calls, they stopped texting. ¬†It was getting bad. ¬†I didn’t care who started the argument, it was time to make up and get our mojo back.

The Prep: ¬†To start, I put the cereal in the top shelves of my kitchen, threw out any remaining ice cream, and gave the kitchen a super clean. ¬†I always find doing a deep clean helps to literally wipe the slate clean – ¬†when you finish, I feel great and think to myself, “Ok, I can do this. Lets get started!” I broke out my Christmas present (thank you Mom and Dad) – the Vitamix blender and Costco card. ¬†Next stop: ¬†whole food smoothies.

The Plan: ¬†For 10 Days – No Grains, No Meat, No Processed Food. ¬†Limited Dairy. All Fruit and Veg. ¬†The plan was to increase my fruit and vegetable intake by … oh … 90% or so. ¬†The plan is pretty simple, eat tons of fresh/frozen fruit and veggies, sprinkle in some nuts and a little dairy. ¬†The end. ¬†Since its hard to eat a ton of fruit and veggies, I started making whole-food smoothies. ¬†No juicing – just blending the whole food.

The Execution: ¬†This is where Costco and Vitamixer come in. ¬†The Vitamix (and I’m sure other strong blenders) come in handy, I can toss in carrots, spinach, oranges, whole frozen strawberries, hit blend – and I have drinkable fruit and veggies! ¬†Its smooth and easy, fits in my Nalgene and off to work I go. ¬†For the fruit, I have a ton of frozen fruit in my freezer – why? Its cheaper, lasts longer, and has more nutrition since frozen fruit can be picked at the height of ripeness, they generally have more nutrients in them and tastiness. ¬†For fresh things, I have oranges, spinach, baby carrots, apples, and tomatoes on hand. ¬†Another part of my arsenal: ¬†pistachios, greek yogurt (beware of those with lots of added sugar), and kefir. ¬†With running and cycling, I want to keep up with some good fat and protein.

Smoothie Happiness: ¬†I’m including some photos of the smoothies I am making. ¬†Some are from recipes, others I’m tossing in what might be good. ¬†Mostly its been successful – one non-recipe experiment was a teeny bitter, but nothing some orange juice and agave syrup couldn’t fix! ¬†Overall, I feel so much better and its been about 5 days. ¬†Drinking whole foods, and not just juice, keep me full and happy. ¬†My tummy feels good, my energy is up (not sure if its the diet, the kicking my bum to go running, spring weather…I guess all of the above?) and I don’t miss my old habits! (well, when my coworkers get fries, they still smell damn good). ¬†I’m not counting the days until I’m done, and although I’m not going to eat like this for the next 365, I will definitely be keeping these smoothies as a main part of my diet in the months to come.


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¬†More to come as I make new smoothies ūüôā

Here is to being happy, healthy, and energized!

Happy Trails – Caribou out.