Dreaming of Mountains

I came across a fantastic blog the other day – fantastic mainly because the photos capture the stark beauty of high peaks and the posts remind me of the importance to dream – dream of the journey.  We hear it all the time, ‘life is a journey’ but far too often we focus and get sucked into either an end goal or a task that we forget to enjoy this grand experience filled with love, fun, hardship, tears, and everything else.  I catch myself every so often getting caught up in the task that I forget to smile and enjoy.

Prime example, I was biking home this morning (on nights again…blah) and five minutes in, rain.  There was a 20% chance of rain, so I was totally unprepared.  At first I started to just bike faster, hoping to make it out before I was soaked, then it turned into a downpour – so I was soaked no matter what.  As I kept peddling a little annoyed by the rain worrying if my stuff was getting wet, something clicked in my head.  “This is awesome.”  and then I smiled and enjoyed my soaked ride home.  Why is this awesome?  Its raining on a nice spring day and I get to play in the rain for my commute.  I don’t have to worry about another driver doing something crazy, I get to, sorta, jump in puddles with awesome galoshes.  

It just clicked and although it was nice to get dry back inside, I was happy that I was soaked riding through the rain.  (it was also nice because there were no pedestrians out 🙂 )

Hope you enjoy this site – if for no other reason than the photographs.

Stay safe, happy trails.