Caribou: The Beginning

Hello World.

You have somehow stumbled across my very first blog! Aren’t you lucky?  Well, you may ask yourself:  Who is this Caribou?  Why do I care?  How did I get here?  Well, I can answer the first two at least!

After a few years living abroad and many adventures, I find myself with some potentially helpful information and fun stories.  Whether your interest be cycling, running, yarn, climbing, mountaineering, triathalons, yoga, pilates, classical music, traveling, backpacking, hiking, all things fuzzy, riding the bus, going to the public library, watching the Real Housewives or South Park, learning to eat gluten free, drinking coffee or tea, or living in a place that is more awesome than D.C. (ahem – Old Town Alexandria!) than you will likely find something to your liking here.  There may be on occasional ode to feminism (I did go to Mt. Holyoke) but fear not, there is nothing militant about the Caribou.

Why blog and why blog now?

I started bike commuting to work full-time this year! Yes, by bike.  I’m not a hippie – well, I may be a closet hippie – but I love cycling and being car-free.  After a bizarrely temperate winter here in the city (averages of 50?!) winter finally hit this weekend.  We went from high 50s and 60s to low 20s, which meant my biking outfit had to change.  A lot.  This brings us to last night, I am stalking’s hourly forecast and plotting out what to wear and it struck me – would it be helpful to provide this information to other people? Hmm…maybe…  Then as I biking to work, mind you at 0420 this morning, I thought I could post about so many other things and my adventures of balancing adventure with my urban reality.  The wheels were turning.

Why “Caribou”?

Lets get the obvious ones out of the way, caribou like to be active in the mountains and forests, as do I.  Caribou are the North American cousins of Scandinavian reindeer, as am I (go Sweden!).  Caribou coffee was created in Minnesota, as was I.  Caribou coffee is happy and delicious, as am I….and finally….Caribou was my nickname in Baghdad, Iraq.  So there you have it.  I am Caribou, and I am in the city.

Join me on my adventures, failures, attempts at humour, some occasional British spelling, and my desire to spread a love of the Oxford comma to the masses.

Caribou out.


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