Bike to Work Day

Did you all bike to work yesterday?! I hope so!  For those DC-ites, we enjoyed fabulous weather, and I won’t lie – I was happy to be biking in the pitch black of 4am.  At 57 degrees and minimal humidity, what more could you (realistically) ask for in mid-May?  Apparently for the later crowd of 9-5ers there were stands set-up and biker commrodery all around.

What did you do for bike to work day?  If you missed, are you going to have your own bike to work day? It is never too late to start!!

Enjoy the spring!

Caribou out.


Dreaming of Mountains

I came across a fantastic blog the other day – fantastic mainly because the photos capture the stark beauty of high peaks and the posts remind me of the importance to dream – dream of the journey.  We hear it all the time, ‘life is a journey’ but far too often we focus and get sucked into either an end goal or a task that we forget to enjoy this grand experience filled with love, fun, hardship, tears, and everything else.  I catch myself every so often getting caught up in the task that I forget to smile and enjoy.

Prime example, I was biking home this morning (on nights again…blah) and five minutes in, rain.  There was a 20% chance of rain, so I was totally unprepared.  At first I started to just bike faster, hoping to make it out before I was soaked, then it turned into a downpour – so I was soaked no matter what.  As I kept peddling a little annoyed by the rain worrying if my stuff was getting wet, something clicked in my head.  “This is awesome.”  and then I smiled and enjoyed my soaked ride home.  Why is this awesome?  Its raining on a nice spring day and I get to play in the rain for my commute.  I don’t have to worry about another driver doing something crazy, I get to, sorta, jump in puddles with awesome galoshes.  

It just clicked and although it was nice to get dry back inside, I was happy that I was soaked riding through the rain.  (it was also nice because there were no pedestrians out 🙂 )

Hope you enjoy this site – if for no other reason than the photographs.

Stay safe, happy trails. 

8K Happiness

I ran my first race of the year! A stellar 8k in which I placed 7th in my class and 57th out of 292 women!  With a time of 43:28 I left the race feeling fantastic!  I taped up my foot for the race and all was fine, it was a little sore yesterday and almost no soreness today, which is great – especially since I’ve not run for pretty much all of April.  (You may have noticed a lack of my posting…)

Slowly but surely its coming back and I’m getting excited!  The race was fun and reminded me to break out of a rut – my rut has been doing a lot of things on my own.  I’m looking forward to going on some fun runs, joining a running group, and doing a midnight “summit” of old rag with some folks in a month.  I also keep looking at adorable doggies that I may foster or adopt.  Although that might be hard with the schedule I keep.  Not sure how they’ll do with an owner who is nocturnal every 2 weeks!  I’m not quite sure how I even do it!

April went by quickly, there were some ups, downs, and neutrals.  I let some things get in the way of posting and doing what is best for me, but sometimes you need to be a little over-come to get back on the right path to happiness.

What I always remember and remind myself of is that being outdoors and active will always bring happiness in my life.  A few times last month I was just feeling “blah” and took a walk outside and sat by the Potamac, looking at the Capitol building, watching the planes take off and land; before I knew it, I was in a better mood.

Just remember folks, a breath of fresh of air, really can be a breath of fresh air!

Stay Safe and happy trails.

Caribou out.