Step One: Lace Up Sneakers

I compromised with The Snooze Button today – I traded my cycling shoes for running shoes.  You may have noticed, but my running stats are pretty dismal for a runner, and one who is training for a marathon.  I find it very hard to psyche myself back into running, but once I’m out and moving – I love it and I don’t remember why I was so afraid to go.  Which brings me to the title.  I kept putting off the running, focusing on pilates, yoga, cycling, cleaning, reading…basically anything but running!  Having a runner partner definitely helps get your running mojo back, but that is more because you have someone holding you accountable.  To get into running, or back into running, you have to hold yourself accountable.  Not as easy as it sounds…

I won’t lie, its been hard keeping myself accountable, even with nice weather!  I’ll find a million excuses because I fear getting back on the road and not being as fast as I was, or hurting, or just having a bad run.  Well guess what self. You are going to have good runs and bad runs.  The longer you delay hitting the pavement, the slower you are going to be.  The more your feet may potentially hurt.  As much as I can channel my marine corps colleagues and friends, there is a limit to how much I can tell myself to “suck it up.”  [As an aside – tired, cold, and hungry on a glacier at 15,000 I can suck it up like a champ, convincing myself to get off the couch to run…not so much, granted you don’t have many options up so high!]

So, how do I do it?  Step One:  Put the running shoes on.  Just that one simple act of getting the shoes on and laced, it sends a message to my brain, “well, you’ve come this far, might as well run.”  Making the intention the night before and the compromise with my car this morning also helped.  And guess what!  My run was fantastic!  It was a lot slower than I ran a year ago, but I ran, no music, no chatter, just me, the monuments, sunset, and my shoes.  It was awesome.

I am going running again tomorrow after work.  I am excited to go running.

Just get those shoes on folks.  Your body will do the rest.

Happy trails!  Caribou out.


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